When I began studying photography I had no ambitions for ever turning it into something I would make a living from.  It was a hobby and I liked it that way.  My hopes with photography were a very personal exploration, sometimes ritualistic, and always more about the process rather than the product, which is basically the opposite of most photographers. Then, after a few years, people started asking me to take pictures for them at different events and I kept turning them down.  I couldn't very well show up to a paying photography gig with a toy camera and expired film that would take a few weeks to get back from processing. I told my photography teacher at the time that I kept turning down work and he said "Christ, Kerry, never say no! Borrow a camera or rent a camera, but do you know how many people are trying really hard to get work as photographers? Say yes!"  I knew he was right, I was holding myself back, feeling like I wasn't good enough, not ready, a fraud. Despite my fears I started saying yes, embracing how uncomfortable I felt, I have been following photography down the rabbit hole ever since.  

I got a job as a hospital newborn photographer when I moved to Maine last year.  It is a wonderful job working for a really great company and I am so thankful that I get to do this work.  The only thing that could be seen as a professional drawback is that due to privacy laws it is rare that people other than the families I photograph get to see my work. At this point I have photographed over 300 families and while those families can share the photos, I cannot due to HIPAA. So, when I had my own baby I had the opportunity to take my own hospital photos that I can share with you. 

Meet my son, Atlas Leviathan Constantino.  Born August 11th, 2017 at 4:59 PM.  Here is a selection from our own hospital photo shoot.  There are so many more moments to capture with my beautiful children, but here are some of those sweet moments from the first few days. Enjoy!