Family photo time!

Recently, a photographer friend of mine noted that “children and animals are the worst things to try and photograph.” I was like, “What. Are. You. Talking About?!” I think that this common sentiment is rooted in an old school mentality that children should be seen and not heard, should behave, and should fit into a rigid ideal for what society deems “appropriate behavior.” While I’m all for perfectly posed toddler photos, and the rare unicorn that they are, I think that it’s time we get real about who these little people are that we share our lives with. I don’t want to capture a picture of your little tiny kid doing anything other than being exactly who they are meant to be in that very moment that I’m with them. I don’t mind getting my clothes dirty, getting in the grass, playing in the leaves, or chasing them around. Photography is about freezing a moment in time, one that we will never get back. Why would we want to remember that as anything other than it truly is?

So here it is, the end of summer sale!! 30 minutes, 15-25 high definition digital files. At a location of your choosing (within 25 miles of South Portland.) For $115! Book between Friday August 15th and September 1st to take advantage of this price!!

You, your family, fur babies, friends, chosen family, or just you, doing something you love to do.